Winter Time: Sandals Out! Suede Boots In!

Unlike men, women need to have a few (okay, several) shoes so that we can pair it off with our skirts, shorts, dress pants, jeans, leggings and the list of possible outfit continues.

I don’t think I have ever known a woman who earns enough that only owns a single pair of shoes that she wears for her entire wardrobe. If there is one, I commend her for finding the right pair to cover her off. Though I wonder what is that shoe and what does she have as a wardrobe?

A shoe is an investment. It gives you the ability to dress up properly for every season. With winter knocking at our door, I am sure that most of your booties are now out of the shoe closet and is in need of some TLC.

For your black suede booties, Wikihow has steps on how you can properly care for them. One of its tips is to make sure that you use a protective spray for your suede. This will seal the suede and repel it from being stained but I think not for scratches so you need to still beware.

These suede booties need to be stored properly (like moving them out of direct sunlight) so that they will not fade. However if it was too late and your booties have lost its luster, there are a lot of black suede booties to choose from here on Resultly.

If you have saved up and can afford to buy designer shoes, why not consider these Christian Loubutin suede booties. One of the many shoes featured by My Color Fashion, this wedge-type bootie never goes out of style. I like the fact that the suede fabric conceals the wedge and the booties were finished off with a thin shoelace.

suede booties

This can be paired off with your cropped pants, skirt with stockings or jeggings to name a few.

A visible heel is also nice. It makes your calves look sexy and brings your butt up too because of the heel. This Prada black suede boots is perfect.

black suede booties

Just always remember that you need to store your booties in a proper manner. Bookmark Wikihow’s tips regarding storing your booties so that they will be perfect when the next fall and winter season arrives.

Remember shoes are made to be an investment so splurge on it but make sure you take care of it too.

Get your Ballerina fix with a tulle dress

Always wanted to pursue your 3 year old dreams of being a ballerina, but never did? Considered being a ballerina for Halloween 2 years in a row because you love a good tutu? Here’s your chance to wear what you’ve secretly been vying the attention of for a while now: a tulle dress. 

I know what you’re thinking, these are my secret, never wear in public, dress up in my head ideas, I would never actually go to the lengths of looking like a ballerina in public because I’m by no means eighty pounds. Well fret no more because with these amazing outfits you no longer have to worry about that and instead, rock your inner, natural ballerina inspired self!

First up on the list is this ultra fab cap sleeve sequin and tulle dress from Delia’s.
tulle dress
She looks like a wanna be? Mk well let’s not look at her top bun and imagine she has long golden locks streaming from her head. Better? Ok, let’s discuss why I love this look so much. Start by looking at the hemline of the skirt. As you can see the tulle is about an inch or so longer than the inner cotton skirt, which adds amazing dimension and even makes it look that much sexier. The next reason I love this dress so much is because of the sequin. It’s $64.90, so let’s think of all the amazing occasions you can wear this to, if we’re going to make the purcahse worth it. Might as well start with the most obvious, New Year’s Eve, your birthday, a fall/winter wedding, anytime and anywhere in Vegas, a fancy family dinner, an anniversary, a holiday party, girl’s night out, and that’s just to name a few. The mix of the sequin and tulle doesn’t make either material go over board and provides the perfect combination of fancy yet casual.

My second favorite dress that works the tulle is $74.99 from tulle dress

I love this specific pick because it’s effortlessly classic. The black and creme tones blend so wonderfully together all you need are pearl earrings with your hair in an up-do to pull it all together. If you notice this hemline is exactly the opposite of the one we saw above. This outer hem is actually shorter than the inner skirt’s hemline. I think this was the perfect way to go due to the high neckline, as well as the darker colored hem being the shorter one to still provide that sexy appeal.

If you loved these two looks,  you’ll love the other ones I found. Check out Resultly to view them all!

A Sunflower Vacation

Even though winter is approaching us in the Northern Hemisphere, Summer is right around the corner in the Southern Hemisphere. Luckily I did my research about Argentina before I started packing. The Northern and Southern Hemisphere have opposite seasons. For example, if its Spring in Bolivia, it is Fall in the US. Its very hard to get used to because all the Religious Holidays remain the same, such as Christmas, Easter, Hanukah etc. Also, the Summer break from students fall in December- February. I ended up going to Argentina for a two week vacation in January. Thankfully I researched the weather and found out that I should be packing lightly (which also saved me on any overweight baggage costs on the plane). I still ended up overpacking but ended up in my sunflower dress for a long part of the trip.

After my plane landed in Buenos Aires I made my way to the baggage claim. I waited and waited and waited. There were a few bags left (none of which were mine), but not a soul in sight. As I was walking to American Airlines Customer Service I had a large knot in my stomach knowing what was coming next. Struggling to switch my language mode to Spanish I finally was informed that my baggage had been lost during the layover in Texas. It turns out my bag was left in Dallas and the next flight to BA Argentina wasn’t until a few days.

I had nothing but my purse (with a few emergency toiletries I stuffed inside), a pair of sandals on my feet, my sunflower dress, and a cardigan. When I stepped outside I was relieved that it was 80 degrees and sunny.  I ended up wearing my sunflower dress for 2 days until it smelled of touristy sweat. It turns out that BA is huge on fashion, style, and health. This was the perfect excuse to by some cute Argentinian designed clothes. I loved my new clothes, but once my dress was washed I kept on coming back to my sunflower dress. I loved the sunflower pattern of my dress, the fact that it was loose, flowy, comfortable and most importantly flattering. It was also a great dress for the 80-95 degree weather that constantly fluctuated but remained in the scorching zone. Here’s the dress that I wore throughout my trip.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 12.40.46 PM

This dress is perfect for a hot day. Its boho chic, and the perfect dress to go touring around a city. Dresses are so much better than shorts for a hot scorching day. Dresses are incredibly comfortable and always make you look more put together. There are many styles of dresses, but the one I was stuck with for a few days in BA  was perfect for that trip. I ended up gravitating towards sunflower dresses after that and continued to search for more when I got home.  I found the perfect sunflower dresses on this site:

Although I love the more casual and laid back sunflower dress, I also like the more formal looking sunflower dresses. Below is a dress that I wore to my friends baby shower:

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 12.41.29 PM


Liquid Leggings All Around Me


Who does not have liquid leggings right now? Am I right? Every single girl in this city owns at least one pair of those for many many reasons.

First of all, they are super practical, comfortable and sexy which is very important when it comes to one’s image. I and my girlfriends are totally into liquid leggings since last year. We have more than one pair for sure and wear it all the time, from day to night time.

Second of all, you do not have to spend much on these. I bought mine on Resultly for twenty dollars, of course you can find something more expensive in Nordstrom or any other stores. It all depends on your budget and brand. We do not like to spend much on clothes in general. It is more fun for us to spend money on getaways and drinks, or shoes perhaps. I am personally a shoe girl so.. s I would rather spend money on new pair of Prada.

Third, these leggings are super comfortable, always sits right on your body and it does not matter what type of body one have. There are tons of fabric choice. I love leather ones but no one can stop you from buying something more comfortable than those.

The other reason to get one of those is that it is very easy to mix up with tons of clothes from one’s closet. I love wearing them with long blouses or sweaters in the winter time. When it comes to work, there is nothing better then liquid leggings with long blouse and blazer on top of it. Just do not try to wear it with a short top to the office, you might be fired after that.

and my favorite reason , why one should own at least on of these leggings is that it is a very sexy look . I think it is a very hot look in leggings , sexy top and high heels. I wear it all the time on dates and guys love it! I get millions of compliments and who would not like that?! Of course, one have to be careful with choosing the top, after all you do not want to look cheap.

Also, if you wear black liquid leggings, I can tell you for sure that nude shoes look really nice with them. Of course, black high heels is a classic choice, but nude has been trending crazily lately. I have tried this look a couple of times and everyone loved it too.

And remember, trying new things is always a great idea!

Dress Like A Gypsy In A Bell Sleeve Dress

Whenever I travel anywhere I am always approached by people. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because I get meet a lot of new people. Maybe I just have that “permanent happy face” (which I would so much rather have than the permanent “bitch face”). Or my other theory is that I stick out like a soar thumb as a tourist. My first more clear memory dates back to when I was in Spain right after I graduated High School. My friend and I were living abroad in Spain and living with host families. We were only 18 then and a little naive and not too street smart I may add. One day when we were in Sevilla we were approached by two Gypsy’s. One came up to me and one to my friend. They were trying to sell flowers, but naturally we felt a little pressured and overwhelmed by the whole situation so we politely declined. Well, as you would imagine they kept on pressuring us to buy the flowers. They even started saying some good fortune to us. I still remember what I was wearing that day. It was actually this adorable summer dress- more specifically, it was a bell sleeve dress. It was super colorful and perfect for Spain in the summer. Here’s a similar style to the dress I wore but in black!

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 4.42.26 PM

I was recently looking for other dresses and found the cutest bell sleeve dresses on Resultly. Here’s an adorable one from Revolve.

Let’s get back to the story. As the Gypsy’s continued pressuring us to buy the flowers we started to get a little weirded out. I started to speed walk but they continued to follow us.  Conveniently, it was the Spanish Siesta time. The Spaniards take a little “siesta” or nap in the afternoon, and all the businesses and shops close down. Basically, each town and city becomes a ghost town. So, there was no one we could quickly turn to for some sort of distraction agains these older women. To give you a better image of what they looked like. They were maybe in their sixties, black and gray hair. Beautiful thick hair, some of it was braided, long skirts, and these beautiful bell sleeve tops that shielded them away from the sun. In their demeanor they were not intimidating at all, but don’t underestimate an older lady. They were very fierce and determined.

So I was there in my little bell sleeve dress and sandals slyly trying to run away from these women. But once they started to say some nice things, kind of like a nice fortune, and specifically stated that they didn’t want money I smiled and listened. When they finished with their little speech they gave us a single flower, and I thought that this was a kind gesture (naively). After we accepted the flowers they screamed 3 Euro!! I didn’t have any euro on me at that point because I was paying by credit card. I explained to them the situation but they continued to yell “3 euro, 3 euro, 3 euro!!” Then they proceeded to take back our flowers. Oh well, we still ate a nice lunch in the square.

The Flared Skirt, a Wardrobe Must-Have!


You may already have a maxi skirt, a skater skirt, a high-low skirt, but the one your closet desperately needs is the flared skirt. It may not be the most popular style among skirts but they’re chic, fashion-forward, and nice for any occasion. Wondering on how to wear them? No need to worry, with these four simple looks you’ll be sure to turn heads wherever you go!

Pair it with a Belt:

With these skirts they tend to make your waist look thinner because of the way it flares out and away from the body. So to really make your waist pop, tuck in your top and then put a belt around

waist. Definitely go for a thin belt versus a thick one. This will give you a really polished and well put-together look. If you don’t want the belt to accent your waist too much, you can wear a longer top and keep it untucked, then just belt the shirt around your waist. I found this really cute one Resultly.

Full/Trumpet Style:

These two styles are perfect for date night or just a fun night out with the girls. Both looks are chic and will have you feeling fabulous. You can pair either one with a dressy, shear top and of course you can’t forget accessories.

Macy’s  is another great place to shop and look for skirts of all different styles and lengths. That’s where I found a metallic green  skirt. I thought it was really cute and just different than any one I’ve seen before. I decided to pair it with a sheer black top and gold accessories.


Who doesn’t love leather? It looks good with anything, easy to style, and will keep you warm in the winter. You can style them with a warm, comfy sweater and a pair of military boots for a more grunge look. Or you can wear it with a nice, sheer top to dress it up a bit. This look can basically be worn for any occasion, whether it be school or a concert you’ll be good to go!

If you’re on the hunt to find a faux leather skirt be sure to look here. Not only do they come in black but other neutrals as well as some patterns!


Just to mix it up a bit, this style will really give you that polished and sleek look. Also, depending on the pattern you can even your skirt to the office. You would want to pair it with a button down shirt and a cute pair of heels. Whether it be a subtle cheetah print or a lace/crochet texture you can simply manipulate your outfit to wear it to work. My favorite skirt to wear for the job is the Alice + Olivia black and white heart pattern skirt.

When that big job interview rolls around or that first date comes up you’ll know exactly what to wear. So take the jump and add a flared skirt to that wardrobe of yours!